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Have you made the decision to replace the windows to your home? If you have decided that it is time to take this action, the next key decision is choosing a good replacement window contractor.

What many people do not know is that it does not matter how much you pay for quality windows if they are installed badly. Of course, more expensive windows are usually the better option, but you should also pay attention to who you choose to install these on your home.

If you want the windows to look and work as good as they should, we invite you to learn the inside secrets to finding the best window contractors:

Seek Certification

A good window contractor will be specifically certified and trained for the products they offer. Therefore, always seek certification in your contractors.

Sometimes, the best idea is to hire roofing service pros or the same contractor for both Windows purchase and installation. If you have some companies in mind, look for certifications and check their credentials.

Look at Ratings and Comments

Even if the contractor has a certification to show you, always do your due diligence.

What does this mean?

It means that you should look for ratings and comments online and see how other customers rated the service you are considering. With the advance of technology, you can now easily detect if the company has any disadvantages.

Get Informed on the Process

An installer should always inform you of how long the window replacement will take. Make sure to get informed on the process and insist that the contractors measure each replacement window several times before starting with the replacement.

Additionally, settle a final date with your contractor to avoid a boarded-up hole in your home for days.

Focus on Every Detail

Do not settle for one company only, regardless of how popular they are. Get multiple quotes and pick the one you find most suitable.

Look at every detail and specifics, including:

  • Window brand
  • Size and type of windows
  • Number of windows
  • Add-on features
  • Installation details
  • Labor costs
  • Material costs

Check the Age of the Business

The older the business is, the better service they can provide. This is not always the case but in most cases, the experience is crucial for the success of a business. In addition, you can easily get informed on others’ experience with an older service than with a new company that has had fewer customers.

Questions to Ask Your Window Contractors

In order to get informed on every detail about your new windows and their installment, ask every contractor the following questions:

  1. Where is your company located and what is its full name?

    Once you get this information, you can easily use it to research the business online. Additionally, finding a contractor nearby is a much better option since you can get a quick response and get to their office in case you have problems with the installment.

  2. Do you carry liability and compensation insurance?

    Both these insurances are highly important to the customer in the event of an accident. Ask your contractor if they have such insurances and verify them by asking to see the certificates.

    Let the potential contractors know that you are informed of your rights and the risks that come with hiring such services. This is something you must do before the job starts.

    Contractors may also show you other insurance kinds such as auto, life, and health insurance. Do not be confused. Look specifically for workers’ compensation coverage and general liability proof.

    As you already suspect, contractors without such insurance are often the cheapest for hire. Beware of such contractors. Sometimes it is best to pay a higher price than hiring a bad contractor.

  3. Is your company a credentialed and licensed contractor?

    Look for a contractor that is licensed by your city or state. Even though not every state requires a licensed contractor, make this your requirement.

    If your contractor offers a business license, know that this is only a tax requirement. This is not relevant to the competence of the contractor.

  4. How long have you been in business?

    As we said, the age of business is important for window contractors. Longer is most often better.

    Look for companies that have provided such services for over three years. Less than three years in business may signal inexperienced or unstable business. Even though everyone has to start somewhere, you can check the references of older businesses better than those of new businesses.

  5. Can you provide me with references from previous jobs?

    Your research process will be much easier if the contractor provides referrals or references from previous projects they have worked on. However, make sure to check them before making the final decision.

  6. What is your track record for solving complaints from customers?

    In the case of any problems with the windows or the installment, you need to be informed on how the

    contractor handles complaints from customers. Try to find out how they handle problems if they do arise.
    You can request a referral from jobs that involved a complaint from the customer. Make sure to ask these

    people questions such as:

    • Did the contractor solve your problem?
    • Did you wait long until the problem was solved?
    • Did this bring any additional costs?

    In addition, ask your contractor if he has ever lost a court case related to the job, or if their license

    was ever suspended. You can also check this by talking to the appropriate authorities. It is very unlikely

    that the contractor will be honest and provide you with all details in case this happened.
    Such authorities can inform you of any complaints against the contractor and how they have been solved. It

    is not uncommon for old companies to be involved in at least one dispute during the long years of work.

    Still, this does not necessarily indicate that the company is bad.
    Choosing your window replacement contractor is not simple. Take your time and consider all these points

    before making the decision!

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