How to Install a Replacement Window


this is a quick video on how to install a replacement window the one we’re dealing with is a Mezzo from Mezzo home improvement store it’s a Mezzo series 20 window and we’re putting it in it’s about a 1965 brick ranch and it’s just a typical installation. It’s not supposed to be comprehensive but just to give you an idea of what it takes to install one first thing and I’ll be going back and forth here between holding the camera and placing it there is you want to measure it you want to measure the distance from the inside of the civil here actually

where the window sits up to the top here get your measurement there and get a measurement on the window width you can see we can’t see here but there’s a piece of stock going to pull out and set it you pull out that stop and measure the window the entire width of the window there and within your order will be slightly smaller maybe about a half inch smaller each way you do a little bit of room to make sure you can get it in there and the people of Mezzo wherever you buy your windows can make sure you get inside right the first thing you gotta do is pull out the trim I’ve already pulled out these two pieces of trim here but you need to pull out the trim on one piece left Wow easily will probably be small nails holding that in there you can simply

tape into the next thing believing is to come in here and actually pry out this track leaving like this track go to the other side you see pride the tracks out like that putting down over here try to finish the job up you might have loved many little shots and my little slugs but you get pull that track up and then yep just let me see the window will come out most cases and I have a big hole in your house so now you don’t have your choice but you get the window back in there the other thing we will do in this case you can see you can see the jamb here I
mean how clean it is and you when you measure when you pull that trim out you’re measuring from this point here to that point here on the width that’s why you pull that piece of trim out but we’ve also got to pull this little piece of stop out up there I’ll do that and we’re also going to be the caulk on the lip here all the way around so when we set the window up against that

it helps seals it will also pull out these two little stops here so well let’s get to that real quick again sorry about all moving just try to make sure you see everything here and there he just comes out this piece right here actually goes up into up into this piece of wood here a little bit so not I’m gonna drive this Hindu and try to cool down a little bit hi you got some
little nails here we’re just gonna drive away kissing scratch off some blues paint and rims also just Lisa window sills are pretty old and I came in a few weeks ago just painted down here just so this part is going to be under the window and just want to seal it up good just a case of moisture got under there I mean it’s going to be caught out here once I put the window in
but again just to kind of help seal it up make sure if any moisture got in there we’d be okay now it is the time oh I’m gonna be caught around there do this will take a little longer then

and again also I’m also going to go outside talking as well and we’ll also run some additional problem some additional insulation on the sides after we shim it up and put some insulation in
there to help seal it up and you can always you to read the manufacturer’s instructions completely, of course, I hit on the window hopefully we’ll see here and not hard what you want to do is
you’re actually trying to Center it is it go hey cheap it is Sarek to the left to the right, in this case, she is looking be careful to him when they go over here for 20 careful that it doesn’t tilt back on you contain this my pro crop bar here kind of sitting centered up in a jam here and I hold it in place take these are the screws I’ve gotten both Phillips hand and like torturers when I get Windows I’m going to spindle and guess what they put in there but I have to look screws this time so I’m just going put one screw up top just to hold it in place while I’m shooting it up I’ll push it against the that outside stop house holding in place and keep it from over to tilt back and then you a comedian I recommend that to coat the plastic does in and I mean shim is pretty simple these plaster tunes are great really easy to work with they break off real easy when you pull them out I highly recommend those they’re a little bit more but

they’re worth it but I set these babies in here like this and I take a girl just a hole and there’s actually if you take a look here there’s uh the fact you already got holes in here where you put the screws and you said I’ve got Mishima in there there’s a and these pellet windows there’s actually four there’s two more screw holes down here we can lift the window up but I will I’ll drill that drill a hole in there and put the screw in there and do that for all of them and you want to check it you go along and make sure you’re not tightening it up too much because if you do tighten it up too much it can cause a window to bind but uh I mean that’s it I’ll come shim it up I’ll come back and get a little bit know a little piece of stop and come put back

in here just like that was in here you can see this window stop matter of fact that gets follows Thrifty I could just come back in it and put this in here install this back in here something
like it and also there’s a I’ll use some you can eat some regular fiberglass insulation or I’ll show you of hearing some other windows we did let’s see here what’s kind of hard to see but uh fun they actually have crack and crevice foam be very careful though because you can flat out screw something up with that stuff so I’d run a little test patch before you’re actually putting it in here but do it here and go outside and do it under the under the outside sort of wait that’s in a nutshell you see some other ones we’ve done that’s how we do it I hope it gives you a little insight on how it’s done and that in most cases is pretty simple and pretty quick good luck

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