Top Tips for Cleaning Windows in the Spring

Window Washing Tips from O'Sullivan Installs Billerica MA

Spring is often the season many of us will get the yard looking good, straighten up the garage, and when we will clean our windows. Winter, on the other hand, is a time when we often allow things to become more cluttered. You might notice if you look around that books, children’s toys, and piles of clothes are everywhere. Most of us basically hibernate inside during the cold season and that is the main reason things get so cluttered. We use the uncomfortable temperature and other bad weather as an excuse to let things go like the garage, our yard, and the windows.


Tips on Home Maintenance

Although we might think of needed chores as something to dread, it is best to get them done as early as possible in the spring so that as the summer rolls around you can relax more. While window cleaning may appear boring, you can check window seals and other aspects of the window to make sure they are in good condition and not in need of repair. The rubber seals are sometimes vulnerable to the cold and might break down during that season.

If your windows are not properly sealed it could lead to increased electric bill. It also means that insects like mosquitoes, bees, and other insects can get in due to the cracked seals. Cracks and leaks can lead to other damage such as causing the wood framing to deteriorate. If you have any problems with double panes having condensation it is imperative to fix it as soon as possible or it could mean having to replace them all together.


Tips on Washing Windows

Start with good tools such as a quality squeegee, a spray bottle with window cleaning solution in it, and dry clothes. Those who want a solution that is environmentally safe then use warm water with vinegar which often is as good as or better than other choices.

Some types and brands of windows are easier to clean than others are. For those wanting an easy to clean solution consider that O’Sullivan has many stress free options. If you choose the casement window option it will crank open to a ninety-degree angle which makes it easy to clean inside and outside of the window. The double hung option tilts inside the home making the outside of the window as easy to clean as the inside section.

Choosing to have the right windows installed removes the difficulties of cleaning your windows and make the process a breeze. It also means should you notice any issues with the windows you can call us and we will make a service call to fix the problem.

Once the windows and doors in your home start looking old and outdated then give us a call to see how we can help. Our windows come in standard and custom sizes for any situation. We have a wide range of styles to select from including bay windows, sliders, casement and double hung options. These windows also have many different finishes such as custom exterior color and woodgrain. The windows are energy efficient and add charm and beauty to any home.

Once you are ready to get replacement doors and windows for your home you can get a free estimate to see your options. O’Sullivan Installs can schedule you a no cost, in-home estimate today.


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