Armor Impact Plus

Armor Impact Plus window installations in Billerica

One of the popular products of Soft-Lite is Armor Impact Plus hurricane windows. The hurricane windows are also referred to as impact windows. It helps in safeguarding homes against above-ground debris from storms, blast, and other strong weather.
The best part of Soft-Lite’s hurricane window is it has passed in ASTM large missile effect test and has been given DP-50 rating. Moreover, you can also several other benefits like beauty, efficiency, comfort and much more.

Features of Armor Impact Plus Hurricane Windows

Comfort foam: Soft-Lite has added unique comfort foam within the frame chambers and improves thermal performance.

Rigid blend welded master frame: Soft-Lite’s frame has a private chamber which helps in enhancing the insulating properties and also rigidity and strength.

Heavy duty endless force balance system: It has endless force balancing along with stainless steel strengthened attachment points that provides fingertip function of large double-hung models.

Double push control cam sweep locks: These locks grips sashes in right place in times of tough weather conditions. Thus, it helps to keeps the home secure and safer.

Superior premium grade weather-stripping: Soft-Lite’s special weather stripping enhances window and insulation performances.

Easy to function limiting latches: It has easy to function limiting latches that permit for easy ventilation and thus it helps to keep your home and children safe.

Easy to pull tilt latches: As it is based on double-hung model, these latches permit you to slant in sashes simply and thus makes the cleaning process easy.

PPG Intercept deep edge spacer system: It has a superior spacer system which limits energy loss because of the glass.

Insulating foam wrap: The frame is surrounded by insulating foam wrap that helps to significantly reduce the chances of drafts.

Automotive window glazing model: Soft-Lite’s unique glazing develops a best tight seal.

High-performance glass: Soft-Lite’s argon and Low-E glass system make sure that the impact windows assist in reducing the energy costs and makes the home more comfortable.

ZAMAC 3 Aluminum Zinc tilt latches: It is mostly seen in the double hung models. This kind of latches assists to keep sashes safe even in times of violent weather. You can easily tilt the sashes and perform the cleaning process.

Armor Impact Plus Options

UV fade protection: AMP windows provide extraordinary ultra-violet protection for the interior furnishing and for your drapes.

Decorative grid options:  It offers the door the appearance of real divided lites with attractive internal grids present in both contour and flat. It comes in numerous configurations and options. Above all, the best part is it remains within the glass panes. So, there is no need to clean them.

Outdoor color coating finishes: Soft-Lite provides numerous exterior color options to enhance the look and appearance of any home. Along with regular exterior color models, extra custom colors are present for a reasonable fee.

Interior woodgrain finishes: Armor Impact plus windows comes in four lovely interior woodgrain options such as Brazilian Cherry, Cherry, Medium Oak, and Light Oak. Solid color options: It is possible to select from lovely beige or soft white vinyl interior color options.

Another major benefit is it increases the safety of your home. If you are interested and wish to know more about triple pane windows, just Call Us or Contact Us.

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