Barcelona Impact Windows


Barcelona Impact Windows or Hurricane Windows are specially developed to safeguard your loved ones and your home from tough weather all around the year. Soft-Lite’s Barcelona Windows comes with two various kinds of protection.

Impact level D Barcelona Windows can be set up at any place. It can also be installed on the coastline. Our windows have passed the prestigious ASTM large missile effect level D checks. It has also passed and obtained HVHZ certification.

It means each of our windows is examined and accepted for setting up in high-velocity hurricane areas. It carries either DP 50 grade or better as per to the 101 standards of the American Architectural Manufacturer’s Association for water, air and operational wind load testing.

Our Barcelona Impact Level C or hurricane windows remains perfect for non-coastal regions which are susceptible to harsh weather where the windows help in protecting water and wind. Along with passing the ASTM large missile hurricane level C checks, our windows come with at least DP 50 rating.

Options in Barcelona Hurricane Windows

Ultra Violet fade protection:  Barcelona Windows provide exceptional ultraviolet defense for your interior furnishings and for your drapes.

Decorative grid options: Provide the doors the appearance of real divided lites using decorative internal grids that are present in both contour and flat. It is available in numerous configurations and options. The best part is it remains within the glass panes and there is no need to worry about the cleaning procedure.

External color coating finishes: Soft-Lite offers numerous color options to enhance the practical look of any home. Along with the regular exterior color options, you can add custom colors which are present for a reasonable cost.

Features of Barcelona Hurricane Windows

Exclusive premium-grade weatherstripping: Soft-Lite’s superior weatherstripping enhances window performance and insulation.

Easy to function limiting latches: It has limiting latches are easy to function. It allows better ventilation and at the same time keep your home and children safe and secure.

Easy to pull tilt latches: It is mostly seen on the double hung hurricane window models. The latches in this model help to preserve the sashes even in times of hard weather. You can easily tit the sashes and perform the cleaning process.

Heavy duty lock: It comes with heavy duty locks which occupy sashes in right place even in times of harsh weather conditions. Thus, it helps in keeping the home secure and safe.

Stainless steel endless force balance system: Due to its endless force balancing along with stainless steel strengthened attachment points, you can experience fingertip functioning in even large double-hung models.

Comfort foam: Soft-Lite has extraordinary comfort foam within the frame chamber and it improves the thermal performance.

Heavy walled vinyl frame: As all the corners are combined together at maximum temperatures for better strength, our hurricane windows have numerous internal chambers and provides excellent insulation.

If you have decided to install Barcelona Hurricane Windows, then it is best to get in touch with us HERE. Our products remain as the best choice for even residences in tough weather conditions.

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