Bay Windows

BAY WINDOW Installations in MA

Windows are not just windows anymore. They are style statements for your home! Check out these out-of-the-world bay windows from Soft-Lite with their limitless possibilities.

You can customize them to match even the wildest of imaginations and the grandest of visions. Any style, any color, and any pattern – you name it and you can get it. There are several energy-saving options to choose from too.

What are bay windows?

Bay windows are artfully arranged patterns of windows that project outwards from the walls of a building. In addition to their primary function of bringing in ample natural light, they also lend plenty of character to your home. Typical bay windows are made of three glass panels that resemble a triptych of a Renaissance cathedral.

A world of choice!

You can play around any way you want with the panels of our bay windows to match your vision for your home. We deal with a wide variety of casement windows, picture windows and double-hung windows for you to pick from.

Many people prefer using a picture window for the centerpiece and casement windows for the sides which also double as ventilators. Adding a shingled gable roof or a sweeping metal roof over the windows on the outside creates an aesthetically appealing look that could transform your exterior walls from being dull and boring to dramatic and exciting.

With a collection of 17 standard shades and a custom color-matching program to boot, we can provide you the exact shade of bay windows that would go best with your color scheme. We also offer a multitude of decorative glass options and grid patterns to use for your home.

What makes our bay windows unique?

Soft-Lite bay windows stand one step above those from other manufacturers with these unique features.

  • SuperSeat™ insulated seat board for increasing energy efficiency
  • Choice of five wood grain finishes for the interior
  • Insulation using Comfort-Foam™
  • Welded sill pan
  • Solid steel threaded rod mulling
  • A cable-free chain support system that prevents sagging

Bay Window Warranty

All our moving parts and insulated seals are under warranty for material defects and craftsmanship errors. We also guarantee that our bay windows are built to last. So, you do not need to worry about your bay windows rotting, rusting, warping, pitting, corroding or blistering over time. Our colors do not fade either!

With all these great advantages, you must want to find out more about our bay windows. So, contact us now.

We specialize in a wide range of bay windows, bow, windows and garden windows to meet all your requirements. Make that call today!

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