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Bow Window installation

Bow windows that look similar to bay windows are fixed on rounded frames. The bows extend outside to develop extra space within the room. It is designed to offer a wider view of outdoor spaces like panoramic backyard or garden. The bays makes use of three panels whereas the bows use a minimum of four panels to develop the curved effect. Certain bow design utilizes five or six lites or panels.

The addition or upgrade of new project window is one of the popular options for homeowners to enhance their view, boost their limit appeal and improve the functional living space of the room. If you are researching about window replacement options, you should consider utilizing bow windows or bay windows.
What is the difference between bow windows and bay windows? Which is the perfect style for your house? Let us discuss the benefits of each model and factors to consider when deciding any of the two models.

Bay windows:

The mixture of three or more number of windows which projects outside the exterior wall is the bay windows. As the window projects outside the wall, it is possible to enjoy extra seating space and extended view of the exteriors.

Bow windows:

It is almost like the bow windows, which extends beyond the outside wall. It sweeps away in the form of a graceful arch of six, five or four windows. It is an elegant window style bigger than bay window model. It has a vast glass area due to the curve in all the corners. Just like bay windows, you can add window seat to the existing bow windows. It remains as an easy and fast room addition.


Along with Soft-Lite bow windows, garden windows, bay windows, and several other models are easy to customize. It is considered as most energy efficient parts in the industry. By purchasing bow windows from Soft-Lite, you can enjoy some of the excellent benefits just like the bay windows. It includes:

  • Enhanced sunlight exposure and additional interior space for the room
  • Color options by utilizing our custom color matching method or choosing from our 17 customary exterior colors.
  • An excellent option for various interior woodgrain finishes
  • Personalized exterior roofing with aluminum, copper or shingles
  • Chain bracing system and threaded steel rods to avoid the chances of sagging
  • Air infiltration and water leakage protection
  • A choice of casement, picture or double hung windows or a mixture of these models while producing the multiple panel bow window designs
  • A collection of energy-efficient glass options

If bow or bay windows is a new addition to your home, you can consider it as a replacement. It can be used in places of large window openings. If you want something new, it is best to consult the experts. When you talk to design experts, you can obtain products as per your requirements and also take the right decision.

Soft-lite bow windows would transform the look of any room in your house. If you want to know more about this traditional window model, get in touch with us, just Call Us or Contact Us. .

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