Casement Window Explained!

Soft-Lite Casement Window installation in Billerica MA
Soft-Lite Casement Windows

Casement windows functions similar to the door. It closes and opens just like a traditional door. It also comes with a hinged sash, which swings out or in like the door. Lever style or crank style handles can be utilized when the sash needed to be opened. It has an additional handle that helps in locking the sash when in closed position.

The handle system in the casement window remains simple to function. It is situated in the lower portion of the window. Thus, casement window remains as the best window option that can be placed above counter tops, cabinets and places which are slightly hard to reach.

Casements remains attractive both in traditional style Tudor and Prairie homes and latest modern homes. Just like other window models, it is possible to install the casement window by grouping together or as a solitary unit.

Casement windows are designed as per your comfort and ease by Soft-Lite

If you are choosing Soft-Lite’s casement windows, it is sure you can enjoy numerous benefits. The top benefits of casement windows are as follows:

  • Minimal air infiltration: The casement windows from Soft-Lite are specially designed with weather stripping and air barriers. Thus, it remains as the one of the top windows in the present trends. It plays an important part in minimizing air infiltration.
  • Multiple point, single lever locking handle: The handle has a unique design where it allows the users to lock at multiple points beside the frame and sash with a single handle.
  • Simple to clean: The best part of Soft-Lite’s casement windows is it can be opened to full 90 degrees and allows for simple cleaning of both wings of the glass.
  • Energy efficient glass package: Soft-Lite casement windows and glass packages can cater to all kinds of energy efficiency requirements.
  • Screen hardware: It comes with the latest invisible maintenance hardware system avoids unsightly screen clips utilized on traditional casements.
  • Slim line handles: Certain Soft-Lite windows comes with smooth fold down handle design that remains suitable for artistically conscious customer. The handle is low profile, robust in strength and has a lifetime guarantee.

Apart from these features, the casement window from Soft-Lite are affordable and beautiful. Thus, it remains as the best option for homeowners.

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