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Different Styles of Custom Windows That Suits Every Budget and Every Taste

Soft-Lite has been manufacturing custom windows for the last eight decades. In our experience, we have learned that each homeowner has a unique and different taste. It is the reason we provide a large range of product lines, window shapes, colors and styles of custom windows. At Soft-Lite, we delight customers by offering something special apart from their aesthetic preferences.

We are proud to manufacture the highest performing and energy efficient rating custom windows. We are confident that no manufacturer can deliver products or come close to our quality or efficiency.
Soft-Lite windows are famous all over the world as it is energy efficient and beautiful. Each of our products comes with industry top combination- ease of maintenance and durability. Our windows are the perfect models which every home would need.

The custom windows from Soft-Lite comes with options you deserve and you need. As there are several options available, you have to choose and finalize according to your price and selection. Some of the popular styles we manufacture are as follows:

  • Geometric: These are stationary windows which are cut into circles, triangles, octagons, ovals, and several other specialty shapes. It is the reason it has obtained the name ‘geometric windows’.
  • Garden: These are popular three-dimensional windows attached with glass panes on top. The three sides of the window would project outward from the exterior wall of your home.
  • Bow or bay windows: It is a customized gathering of numerous casement, static picture and double hung windows which projects obviously from the home. It offers large views of the outdoors and additional space in the indoors.
  • Awning: These are horizontal window models which are open outward and attached at the top.
  • Hopper: This model is almost similar to the awning model. The only difference is it opens inward.
  • Casement: In this window, there is a hinged sash which swings out just like a door when you turn the lever handle.
  •  Picture: These are fixed large windows developed to offer a clear vision of the outdoor environment.
  • Slider: These are horizontal windows which slide backward and forward.  It is almost like a double hung window model that it is twisted on its side.
  • Double hung: These windows have two vertical arranged sashes. Both the sashes can slide down and up.
  • Single hung: In this model, it comes with two vertical arranged sashes-one would slide up and down and other remains fixed.

Along with choosing the functional style of window that remains suitable for your home, you should also select from a large range of product choices like exterior and interior colors, decorative glass, grids and much more. Soft-Lite offers a plethora of options and choices which you can easily select the window you always dream of.

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