Soft Lite’s Double Paned Windows Offer Unparalleled Energy Efficiency

Double Paned Window installation in MA

If you are thinking to install or purchase the latest double pane window models for your house, you would definitely come across the industry terms that are associated with energy conservation.

You would also see terms like SHGC or solar heat gain coefficient, R-Value and U-Factor, which can make your eyes glaze in a certain context. If you are a homeowner, you would be curious to know about these terms and also how effectively it would influence your monthly cooling and heating bills.

It is necessary, to begin with the basics. Soft Life offers double paned windows which combine two panes of lites or glass with one Low-E or low-emissivity coating. It features either basic foam super spacer or metal PPG intercept spacer.

The space between glass and lites is occupied with insulating krypton gas or argon gas. We have an extremely detailed manufactured process that makes sure we offer the exact fit each time with vinyl windows, be it of any shape, model or make. What are the energy efficient features of double paned windows?

Our double paned windows accomplish SGHC ratings and low U-factor. It has the top R-values in this industry. Moreover, our level of energy efficiency measurements has exceeded government standards with an exclusive distinction like ENERGY STAR labeling.

What does it mean? Here is a brief note about these three most significant energy efficiency measurements.

  • R-Value: It is the measure of the insulating ability of the window. When the R-Value is higher, it can perform better than other windows.
  • SHGC: It is the measure of the quantity of heat which passes inside the building via glass especially during warm months. In the South, it is preferred to have a lower SHGC and in the North, it is recommended to choose windows with higher SHGC as passive light can be allowed through.
  • U-Factor: It is the amount of non-solar heat transmission or heat which goes out through windows during the winter season. When the U-Value or U-Factor is lower, the windows can perform better.

According to the glass package and functional style you are choosing, Soft Life provides double pane windows with R-Value (that are high as 6.66), SHGC(that are low as 0.20) and U-factor (that are low as 0.17). When you choose our triple pane windows, you can even enjoy better energy performance scores.

Soft-Lite is the top innovator and experienced in producing energy efficient windows. We have been developing and offering solutions since 1934.  If you wish to know about double paned windows or need a quote for your window replacement project, ensure to get in touch with a trusted Soft-Lite dealer near you. Also, ensure to ask about the limited lifetime warranty.

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