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Soft-Lite is a leading window manufacturing company that produces the best energy efficient and excellent performing house windows. Our products cannot be compared to any other manufacturer’s products as each of our products are approved. Our windows are energy efficient and beautiful.
The combination of ease of maintenance and durability features in our windows helps to remain a step ahead of our competitor’s products.  Soft-Lite products does not need much maintenance or care and still our windows last until you require.

Being in the windows and doors manufacturing industry for more than eight years, we have observed one important thing from our customers. It is no customers choose the same type or model. Each and every customer has their own unique taste.
It is the reason Soft-Lite produces windows in numerous product lines, shapes, colors, styles and models. Be it installing in living room or kitchen, Soft-Lite’s home windows remains as the best solution in such a way it meets your budget and also your aesthetic preferences.

When you are looking to purchase windows in the market, there are no chance for you to feel limited by price or selection. We have something unique and different for everyone. Some of our popular window styles include:

  • Geometric: It is a stationary window which are divided into triangles, circles, octagons, ovals and several other geometric shapes.
  • Bow or bay: It is a customized collection of various double hung windows, fixed picture and casement which projects visible from the home. It also offer an excellent view of the outside and additional sense of space.
  • Garden: These are attractive three dimensional windows that have glass panes on three sides and on top which project outer from external partition of the home. These are small bay windows suitable for plants. It is given the name garden windows since it serves like small green houses protruding from inner walls of your home.
  • Hopper: It has all the features of awning window. The only difference in hopper model is it opens inward.
  • Awning: These are horizontal windows which open outside and attached at the top. These are best for places that receives sufficient rains. The best part of this window is it creates a watertight awning when you open.
  • Casement: These windows have a hinged sash which swings like the door when you turn the lever handle. It allows the window construction to remain in solid glass and provides a less blocked view overall.
  • Slider: These horizontal windows which slide front and back and has the features like the double hung window when rotated on its side.
  • Double hung: These windows have two vertically organized sashes where both of the sashes move up and down.
  • Picture: These are fixed and large windows developed to offer a perfect view of outside surrounding areas.
  • Single hung: These windows have two vertically organized sashes where one slides down and up and other remains fixed.

If you are looking for durable, energy efficient and beautiful windows for your house, just Call Us or Contact Us.
Also, inquire about the limited lifetime warranty of the products.

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