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Hurricane Window Installers in MA

Safeguard your home from severe weather and high winds with Soft-Lite’s hurricane windows

Hurricane windows are meant not only for states such as Texas and Florida where fierce tropical weather causes disaster on homes every year or around mid-western states that is common for tornadoes. It is well known that high windows can occur at any place and in any country.

It is important to install strong and efficient windows to withstand them. Soft-Lite’s two excellent hurricane windows- Armor Max Plus Impact and Armor Impact Plus windows are durable and strong and remains best for shoreline residences in and around hurricanes regions. So, if you want windows that would stand excellently to the blustery thunderstorms and high gusts experienced by the country, you need to consider choosing Soft-Lite windows.

The Soft-Lite manufacturer produces Armor Max Plus hurricane windows which pass all kinds of durability tests that are assigned. Our windows have even passed in the Large Missile Effect Level D Test. Our windows can survive sustained winds of about 140 mph and gusts of about 212 mph. Moreover, our windows are approved by the Miami Dade country.

From security to hurricane protection, hurricane windows or impact windows remains as the smart option to safeguard your family. Moreover, these impact windows provide several additional benefits

Storm protection: When the impact windows are rightly installed it offers the best protection for the interiors of the house. Soft-Lite’s impact windows are made with an interlayer and double glass layers. It remains as an extremely sturdy and strong glass unit. next time, when you are warned about the storm heading your way, there is no need to worry. Soft-Lite hurricane windows keep your home safe and protected.

Security: The strong glass keeps your house safe from hurricanes and also burglaries. It makes hard and almost impossible for them to attack your house. In other words, hurricane windows make break-ins tough.

Save money: The impact windows regulate temperature and reflect outside heat inside your house. Our windows are applied with Low E-coatings which helps you to save energy expenses and save costs on the electricity bill. The Low-E coatings help to keep your home cooler during the summer season. It provides more energy savings and better insulation throughout the year.

Soft-Lite hurricane windows also offer extra protection against interruption with closely impenetrable PVB interlayer which averts shattering. We are completely dedicated and committed to producing products which would help to safeguard the home in the best manner. Our status has been enhanced as we have signed up an exclusive window partnership with the National Crime Prevention Council.

Some of the top exclusive features of Soft-Lite hurricane windows are as follows:

  • Stainless steel protected attachment points
  • A set of heavy functional cam sweep locks
  • A firm tubular master window border with fused corners

Moreover, Soft-Lite hurricane windows come in a large range of colors and styles along with the best energy efficiency structures in the industry. If you wish to know more about Soft-Lite hurricane windows, get in touch with us
just Call Us or Contact Us.

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