Soft-Lite impact windows are designed to endure hurricane force winds

impact window installers in Billerica, MA

The majority of homeowners do not want to install impact windows that just protects them only flying debris and hurricane force winds. The homeowners wish to install windows that can withstand violent weather and potential hazards like the break-ins and more.     

Armor Max Plus Impact Windows from Soft-Lite is the perfect choice for all homeowners. These windows are known for their heavy duty and rugged features. The best part is these windows have even passed all kinds of durability tests that includes tough large missile impact level D check.

It proves that Soft Lite’s impact windows can withstand gusts of about 212 mph and sustained winds of about 140 mph. Moreover, these windows have obtained HVHZ certification. It means they are examined and passed for installing in regions with a high-velocity hurricane.
Though you do not reside in a place where it is common to experience strong winds, the Soft-Lite impact windows can stand against such destructive force and proves that they are constructed to last for years.

Benefits of installing impact windows in your home and commercial buildings

Increase safety: Impact windows helps in keeping your entire building, family, and possessions safe during dangerous situations or hurricanes. When you have installed impact windows in your building, the entire infrastructure remains safe against wind forces, water intrusion, and flying debris. It is common to see flying debris in times of hurricane. The winds would reach for more than 100 mph. It also remains best during chances of burglary.

Enhance value: Several potential buyers and insurance companies see excellent value in buildings that are fixed with impact windows. It keeps the people, contents and the entire building safe that can reduce the insurance premiums.

Some of the innovative and important features of the best impact windows from Soft-Lite are as follows:

  • Stainless steel strengthened attachment points
  • Stiff, tubular master window edge with fused angles
  • Triple pane covered glass that is impact resistant
  • Wet window or marine glazing for a constricted seal
  • Excellent performance argon gas and low E-coating in the middle of glass panes to assist to block destructive Ultra Violet rays and make sure to perform with highest energy efficiency
  • Available in various ranges of colors with an assortment of grid proposals and in numerous styles including sliding windows, picture windows, and double hung windows.
  • Insulated foam wrap that surrounds the frame helps in reducing air infiltration.

Along with remaining strong in the middle of the violent storm, Soft-Lite’s impact windows offer complete protection against intrusion. It has a complete impenetrable PVB interlayer that avoids shattering even in situations of aggressive blows with a blunt or sharp object. We are proud to be an elite window sponsor of McGruff the Crime Dog and National Crime Prevention Council.

The homeowners have gained a lot of trust and confidence in Soft-Lite products since 1934. They know that we are talented in manufacturing the most durable, high performing and reliable windows in the country.

If you wish to know more about the features and benefits of installing Soft-Lite products, feel free to reach us, just Call Us or Contact Us.

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