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Soft-Lite’s insulated windows save energy and reduce air infiltration

Insulated windows from Soft-Lite remains as the best option to save cash on cooling and heating bills by reducing the quantity of energy leaking air infiltration. If you have installed inferior quality windows, you would notice air seeping through the faulty seals of the windows.

The glass panes also remain responsible for high cooling and heating expenses. It is necessary to design the right windows and glass panes to offer the right type of insulation your home would need for peak energy productivity. Soft-Lite ensures to manufacture every window in such a way it meets the needs for energy efficiency and at the same time exceeds the industry standards.

Soft-Lite produces a large range of insulated windows with the Energy Star label. Our products accomplish and have obtained the best National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) ratings on the industry for Solar Heat Gain and U-Factor and also excellent American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) rankings for air infiltration.

We have countless colors and styles and several different window lines so that there is something unique for each and every customer. No matter, what kind of budget or aesthetic taste you have, it is sure you would find Soft-Lite insulated windows best for your home.

Soft-Lite would not disappoint you anyway especially when you keen on energy efficiency. Each of our products is developed to accomplish the total minimum air filtration grades in the industry.

What are the benefits of insulated windows?

Versatility: It is well known that insulated windows remain triple or double paned. It comes with single or several low E coatings which provide insulation against cold and heat. It is possible to include the low emittance coating in any window type. The insulated windows remain best with all materials. The most commonly used are fiberglass, vinyl, and wood.

Noise reduction: Whether you are selecting triple or double paned insulated windows, it helps in a great way in the reduction of noises from the external areas of the house. By adding insulators that have krypton or argon gas between the panes, you can reduce even more noise.

Some of the features of Soft-Lite insulated windows include:

  • Triple or double paned windows along with krypton or air gas fill
  • Endure force balance scheme for simple lowering and lifting of sashes on the double hung doors
  • K-Beam thermal strengthening with Kevlar
  • ILTIS tilt and lock hardware system
  • Q Lon solidity head gasket
  • Comfort foam increasing polyurethane in the frame and sash extensions
  • Extra smart anti-microbial triple fin climate strip

Equally priced products are available as a competition to Soft-Lite insulated windows. Such products do not guarantee energy efficiency. Soft-Lite windows are developed for long-lasting beauty and remain durable for years. It helps the homeowners to save significant money on heating and cooling expenses.

When you purchase Soft-Lite insulated windows once for your house, you do not have to think about purchasing or installing new windows again. Get in touch with one of our trusted Soft-Lite dealers to know about our insulated window. When you enquire, ensure to ask about lifetime limited warranty that is transferable.

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