Sliding Windows from Soft-Lite are beautiful, energy efficient and durable

Slider Window Installations

Soft-Lite’s sliding windows are almost equal to double hung windows that can be twisted 90 degrees horizontally. Our slides are best for homes that have low ceilings but sufficient horizontal space beside the wall. Moreover, the sliding window helps in giving a contemporary look better than colonial type double hung windows. It is the best option when you want to give a modern look to your house.

Sliding windows manufactured by Soft-Lite has the same characteristics that are seen in standard and other kinds of windows. It also comes with the industries best energy efficient frame trademark, tightest frame and a restricted lifetime warranty that can be transferred to the new homeowner when you are selling the house.

There is no chance to experience fade, blister, corrode, pit, warp, rot or rust when you purchase any of our vinyl windows. It is sure our windows be the last windows you would be including in your home.

General benefits of installing sliding windows

Minimal maintenance: It is well known that slider windows involve fewer parts that are less than the conventional windows. It helps in making your house a cost-effective and low maintenance option for residential homes.

Durable: Pulleys and springs fail or wear over time. The slider windows do not depend on those components to function. It remains tougher than the conventional windows. The majority of slider windows utilize window glazing and it adds to their durability.

Easy to use: These windows are not heavy and easily glide with the window frame when you are using. It requires less dexterity and effort to close and open. When you need to use, you should just release the latch and slide to open the window.

Different kinds of sliding windows

There are two popular kinds of sliding windows: single slider and the double slider.

The single slider windows come with a single sliding sash. It means it can be opened from a single end slide. It may limit airflow from various directions. The best part of choosing this model is the price. It has fewer components and it is highly affordable.

The double-sided windows offer in giving a contemporary look. It comes with two movable sashes which mean both the ends slide open. It does not use any exterior or interior space. It works best over counters and kitchen sinks.

If you have decided to purchase sliding windows from Soft-Lite, then here are the features you will be enjoying.

Energy efficient glass packages: We provide a large range of glass packages to satisfy your energy efficiency objectives.

Simple to clean: When you notice our windows, you can see the sashes appearing outside the window channel or tilt inwards which remains comfortable for cleaning.

Minimal air infiltration: We have specially designed weather stripping and air barriers that greatly reduces air infiltration.

Simple sliding action: The best part of Soft-Lite’s sliding window is it remains smooth and requires effortless function on corrosion resilient tandem brass rollers.

You can obtain any finish or color for frames. If you wish to know about our different kinds of styles, get in touch with us, just Call Us or Contact Us.

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