Specialty Windows

Specialty Windows installed by Your Window Experts

Specialty windows help in making the home the major attraction of your neighborhood

Specialty windows by Soft-Lite are present in various shapes. It is customized to suit the unique shaped openings exactly for your home. Be it you want a standalone shape or wish to utilize a different shape by combining another window style, Soft-Lite is dedicated to designing the shape as per your requirement.
We ensure that our windows cater to your exact specifications and needs. We are experienced in delivering any shape you require or you imagine ranging from octagons to pentagons to circle-tops and more.

Various kinds of specialty shaped windows

Vinyl specialty windows are available in various shapes. Each of the windows is custom made according to your home’s unique dimensions. Soft-Lite can design and setup windows of almost any shape that you imagine. Some of the popular shapes are:

  • Octagon
  • Hexagon
  • Pentagon
  • Trapezoid
  • Triangle
  • Oval
  • Half eyebrow or eyebrow
  • Quarter, half or full circle
  • And several other shapes!

Why do you need to choose special shape windows?

There are several reasons to select custom window shapes that have irregular size considerations. It helps in adding a unique aesthetic appeal to your house. Some of the major benefits to expect when selecting superior quality vinyl specialty windows are as follows:

Increased home value: If you have plans to sell your home in a future date, it is recommended to include specialty windows as it can increase the curb appeal and expected price of your home.

Unmatched beauty: When you want the views or create a main point of attraction in your home, it is not possible to do with regular windows. The custom windows styles remain highly better in terms of unmatched beauty. It makes your house to look beautiful especially when you see from the outside.

Energy efficiency: When compared with regular picture windows, the specialty shape windows comes with fixed panes. There is no chance for air leakage. It means you can enjoy outside views of the house without seeing an increase in the energy bills.

Some of the benefits of purchasing specialty windows at Y.W.E. are as follows:

Though the benefits of standard picture windows and specialty windows are almost the same, certain features make it a better choice. We offer top quality welded vinyl frames which can be angled or curved to suit almost any shape.

Energy efficiency: Soft-Lite’s specialty windows are known for its exceptional airtight quality. It provides unmatched protection against moisture and air prevention and thermal efficiency.

Colors: We offer a large range of exterior and interior color choices that help you to customize exclusive windows in your home.

Things to consider when choosing custom made windows

As it is custom made in nature, it may take a long time to choose and get. It can also be a bit challenging to install. It is the reason, you need to work with experienced and trusted window dealers like Soft-Lite as we make sure that every specialty window is installed exactly and offers security for several years.

We guarantee the best services and products and you can always depend on us for any kind or shape of windows for your house.

Another major benefit is it increases the safety of your home. If you are interested and wish to know more about triple pane windows, just Call Us or Contact Us.

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